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KDG Studio (KDG) has been helping small businesses and corporations establish and grow their marketing plans. We’re a boutique marketing company with a unique niche market – working with new or growing companies that need to develop a professional, polished brand that truly sells their products or services. We completely understand the distinctive needs and challenges of starting a new business. Marketing is our expertise. Let us help you develop a strong marketing plan that leaves a lasting impression!

KDG is a full service video, graphic design, print and marketing company, performing all the interactive marketing services your company needs to be competitive in today’s environment. Whether your company is a new business, or a seasoned corporation, KDG’s services offers you the needed image and state-of-the-art marketing tools to help your company grow. Our services include everything from video services, start-up marketing materials to an Interactive Touch Screen Presentation plus more.

Our flat price video offer will be filmed in studio and the best part is there are no surprises because you are there seeing it filmed live. Our 10 ft video wall allows playing your video or slideshow on the entire wall or we can use any number of screens to prominantly display your logo. (Click here for example).

Feel free to contact us at 704.469-2900 or email us at ContactUs@KDGstudio.com